Cracking Or Crumbling Concrete? No Problem

Well Done Contracting
Even though it’s one of the most durable materials available, concrete still needs to be repaired or even replaced from time to time. Have tree roots lifted up parts of your driveway, creating unsightly or even dangerous bumps and ridges? Are your walkways starting to show the unattractive signs of aging? Well Done Contracting can remove and repair or replace your home’s concrete as needed.

Does your basement floor need attention? Well Done Contracting also provides a range of indoor concrete repairs, whether you have a few surface cracks or more serious deep cracks and crumbling.

Floor Saw Cutting

Need to get through your concrete to access pipes or other HVAC components? Well Done Contracting can saw through your floors to provide you with this access, and then we’ll come back and make repairs.

We can also saw cut your floors after installation to create control/expansion joints. These joints allow your floor to adjust and move with changing temperatures and with drying shrinkage, which helps prevent cracking. We can also help you determine where it’s best to place these joints for both aesthetics and function.